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Welcome to Ohnishi Legal Office.
Visa and Immigration Procedures of Japan
Visa and immigration procedures for foreigners entering to Japan are classified to the followings.
Work Permit for Employees, Enterprisers
Employment/Transfer of Foreigners, Enterprisers and Executive Officers/Senior Managers.
Work permit for Foreigners with Skill & Talent, Cultural Activities, etc.
Foreigners who work with his/her skill, Foreigners who study or work in the field of Art, Accomplishments, Culture, Religion etc.
Family Members, Permanent Residency, etc.
Families of Foreigner, Spouse and Children of Japanese Nationals, Permant Residency, Natularigation etc.
Extension of Period of Stay, Change of Status of Residence
Procedures after Landing: Extension of Period of Stay, Change of Status of Residence, etc.
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